• Problems!

    Do you have a problem?

    How do you know?

    Where did the problem come from?

    What is the purpose of the problem?

    What is this problem doing in your life?

    Is the problem useful to you, or not?

    How do you decide?

    What can you do about the problem if you think the problem is bigger than you are?

    Who has more power, you or the problem?

    If you got rid of the problem, who would you be?

    The self-inquiry begins...

  • "When faced with a problem you do not understand, do any part of it you do understand, then reassess the problem."

    - Robert A. Heinlein, The Moon Is A Harsh Misstress

  • Radical Responsibility For Your Problems

    How do you know when you have a Problem?

    How big of a problem do you have?

    How do you classify your problems? Do you divide them into separate categories? Or do you bunch them all together one one interconnected mountain of troubles?

    Where do you carry your mountain of burdens in your physical body? In your emotional body? In your energetic body? In your intellectual body?

    Who actually makes your problems for you?

    What is a problem, anyway?

    Do your problems come from inside of you?

    Or do they come from the outside? From other people? From the government? From society? From the economy? From your neighbors? From your family's longstanding conflicts? From the circumstances of your birth, such as your culture, race, skin color, the religion of your parents, the city or country where you were born? From your genetics?

    Soon it becomes obvious that almost anything can be a problem

    Who actually has the power to decide if something has become a problem for you or not? Other people?

    What if other people think that you should have a problem about something and you actually don't have a problem about it at all?

    What if other people have a problem that you do not have a problem? Whose problem is that?

    Why do you actually regard anything as a problem? What is your benefit?

    If you decide (consciously or unconsciously...) that something is a problem for you, why have you done that? To be normal? Do you think you will be more acceptable to others if your life is filled with various kinds of problems?

    Do you make your relationship about problems? Working on your relationship? Working out finances? Working out the calendar and the timing logistics?

    What if you let other people have their problems and you do not rescue them at all about the fact that they have made these problems for themselves? Could you live with yourself?

    What if you take radical responsibility for any situations that you have decided are problematical for you and refuse to make your problems any part of anyone else's responsibility?

    What if you play around with whatever is happening around your life and the world as if you created it exactly like it is, and it is not problematical but merely a set of conditions to play around with for the benefit of the evolution of your ability to refuse to be trapped, to go nonlinear , to develop your capacity to go orthogonal (at right angles to...) the current space and journey into different spaces in the Great Labyrinth of Spaces that have more useful Possibilities?

    Yes. You guessed it. This is your Experiment! For this next month, you are not allowed to have any problems AT ALL, nor to take on other people's problems, nor to even believe that what other people call problems are real problems, but are merely editorial commentary on their circumstances that they have adopted for a particular conscious or unconscious purpose. Then practice using Memetic Engineering and Possibility Psychology to inquire with them into how it has come to be that they would consider living their life this way.

    How much Fun can you have in one month???

  • Experiments

    Be A Problem

    Where are you not being a Problem (a conscious Problem) where you should be?